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_ beauty detox: cleanser

April 7, 2011

To start with a confession, I still have a nearly full bottle of my old cleanser.  I ran out of toner and moisturizer, and since it would take me a year to finish the bottle, I thought it best to do a complete switcheroo to a clean skin care routine.

From this:


 To this:

Lavish Lavender Soap

I got a bar of this from my sister, who uses it for body, face, and hair.  It’s a great soap, but I started using it on my face in January during our 3 weeks of Dallas winter (remember the Super Bowl?).  With my winter-wrecked skin, this soap was just too drying to keep using on my face.

To this:

J’adore this XII Element Cleansing Milk from Galen Labs.  My face was completely sapped of moisture and all other signs of life when I bought a cleanser, so I was looking for a gentle milk-style formula for dry skin.  I picked it after seeing it on the Fig+Sage skin care awards.  It smells botanical and lovely, gives me just the right feeling of cleanliness, and leaves my skin so, so soft and supple.  I’ve been using it primarily before bed, and just rinsing my face each morning after its nightly regeneration/self-clean.  As the weather is warming up and the air will soon get springy and humid, I’m afraid that I may need something geared toward oily(er) skin.  Gross, but we shall see.

I got the Galen cleanser on sale at Nature of Beauty (no longer in stock).  It sells for $32 on the Galen Labs site, which actually seems to be a good price.  Many clean brands seem to sell at around that price or more but in a smaller bottle.  The Soap for Goodness Sake bar is about 5 bucks.

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