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_ celery root & apple salad

January 24, 2011

Celery Root and Apple Salad with Tuna.  This is so great for lunch.  If you’re eating it by yourself, it will make a good 4 (light) lunches.  The celery root will turn slightly brown after a couple days, but it will still taste good.  Recipe adapted from Bon Appetit’s Food Lover’s Cleanse, which I quit after a week.

Get these from the store:
+1 medium celery root. What’s medium?  I don’t know. Just grab one.
+A lemon or two
+2 granny smith apples
+Red onion (you only need a tiny bit for this recipe)
+1-2 small cans tuna in water.  I like the low-class and cheap chunk light as opposed to albacore; it’s less fishy and I’ve heard it has less mercury. (1 can will yield 2 lunch servings)
+(Original recipe had walnuts; I left them out and didn’t miss them, but feel free to add them for more texture and Omega-3)

You probably have these things already:
+Salt & Pepper
+Apple cider vinegar
+Mustard (I used coarse-grained dijon)
+Canola oil

You will also need:
+A mandoline slicer with julienne blades or good knife skills

This recipe sounds very high maintenance at first.  But what else are you going to do while watching The Bachelor? You’ll be fine.

Wash the celery root and then peel off the skin with a knife.  Go ahead and cut the top and bottom off first. Use your mandoline to shave it into 1/8 in. julienne slices (like matchsticks).  Or you can shave into 1/8 in. slices and julienne yourself.  Or whatever.  Just make sure it is thinly sliced, kind of shredded-like.  Put it in a bowl, toss it with 1/4 tsp salt (I used a scant 1/2 tsp and it got a little too salty) and the juice of 1/2 lemon.  This tenderizes the celery root and keeps it from turning brown.  Cover it with plastic, place something heavy on top to kind of smash it, and put it in the fridge for at least 30 min.

Make the lemon vinaigrette: Whisk 1/4 c lemon juice, 1 1/2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar, 1 tsp mustard.  Slice a little piece off the red onion and dice into a small dice (about 1 Tbsp, give or take).  Slowly pour in 5 1/2 Tbsp canola oil while whisking.  Add salt and pepper.  Taste it.  If too tart, add salt or oil.  If not lemony enough or too salty, add lemon.  You won’t use the whole batch on this salad.  It is also great on a butter lettuce mix.

Take your apples, quarter them, core, then thinly slice. About a 1/4 in. slice will work well with the celery root strips. Put it in a bowl.  Add a couple tsp chopped parsley.  Take your celery root out of the fridge, give it a squeeze to drain, and plop it in with the apples.  Toss with 2-3 Tbsp vinaigrette. 

Serve a pile of the salad with a half can of tuna (adjust to your protein preference) on top.  The flavor is very balanced and bright, and the meal is so nourishing.  Be prepared to have a healthy snack 3-4 hours later.

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