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January 8, 2011

This is obvi not a day one, miracle-life-change list of resolutions, but I want to work on the following this year:

1.  Over the course of the year, make the switch to non-toxic beauty products
2.  Reduce my perfectionism
3.  Bring more intentionality to my friendships
4.  Eat better foods/Indulge in bad ones less often (subtext: get less squishy; stop over-burdening my organs with junk)
5.  Start practicing yoga again
6.  Work on my proactivity
7. Replace some reality TV with reading non-fiction

It’s a long list. (I am nothing if not overly ambitious and constantly disappointed — see No. 2). What I was smart enough to leave off the list:
-Even the most minor reduction in wine consumption
-Weight-lifting and cardio

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